Sunday, January 11, 2009

So.... I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii and this year for Christmas we went for 2 weeks! Thanks to grandpa Winterrose, he spoiled us. I can honestly say it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. These pictures are in Kauai, we spent our first week here and these pictures are either from our balcony or just from somewhere at the resort we stayed at. The ocean was seriously just right there! Every morning was just as exciting as the first one!
It was so nice for Sam and Coby because they were totally content just playing on the beach all day. In fact this beach was popular for snorkeling. I never thought I would snorkel really only because of how goofy people look while doing it., the gear is not all that flattering, but I couldn't pass it up, Wade talked me into it! There was a place in Honolulu called Haunama Bay that we had to get up way early to get in cause it gets packed early and you have to pay to get in and watch a movie about protecting the reef and all the sea life, anyway.... we finally went and snorkeled there soooo beautiful, we swam with a sea turtle he was just chill and we went quite awhile with him until I realized how far out we were and I got scared and turned around.

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The Nelsons said...

AWESOME! So glad you went there and were able to experience Hanauma Bay! Wasn't it just awesome?! Thats sweet you got to swim with the turtle too!!

The Isoms said...

How pretty! I love Hanauma Bay! It is beautiful!