Thursday, January 13, 2011

The fun stuff begins

We are adding the fun stuff now, baby furniture and decorations, its been fun. The best part is the piles of baby stuff that have been in the corner of my room now have a place! I washed my first basket of baby clothes, weird how it didn't really seem like much of a chore and I know it wont last long, but the smell of the baby detergent and the joy of folding the" little stuff".

My mom and I spent a day putting together the furniture, except for the crib I saved that for Wade:) It is fun to see it all come together with the bedding and decor. We have been so blessed with great friends and family that have made this really nice for us and our new baby, we are very grateful to everyone for all the help and gifts.

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Only 3 weeks left!

Well we are counting down the days, just 3 weeks left until Jr. comes into the world. I was thinking I would start blogging again when the baby comes, but I really should have been updating this the whole time. We have been doing so much to get ready. A baby nursery that is looking amazing, we are so excited how it is turning out thanks to many friends and family. Grandma and Grandpa Winterrose had extra flooring from the Kanosh addition and we are the lucky ones that get to put it in the nursery. With the help of my brother in-law and our friend Greg we are getting the wood floor done. Thanks for your help everyone!

My fabulous mom who was here for almost two weeks did so much for us, helping with the floor, painting, cooking and cleaning. She always make sure all the kids and grand kids have the very best! Love you mom:)

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