Friday, March 25, 2011

7 weeks old

Luke is already 7 weeks old almost 8 now, he is trying to talk a lot and he is such a happy baby! And what a strong baby!
He is now 11lbs. 3 oz. so he his getting big and tall. We are having so much fun staying home and time is going so fast. I don't know what this momma is going to do When I have to go back to work:(
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The Lapuaho's said...

Such a CUTIE! from first hand experience going back to work S.U.C.K.S.....especially after your first baby. Next time you are up north or just driving through you should stop by I would love to see him!

Tammy K said...

oh darcell - he's so flip'n adorable.

Looks more and more like wade to me...and sammy :) makes sense right hahaha!

I'm coming to st. george...I want to see you and that yummy baby of yours. Addi needs to see her future husband :)

Trogdon said...

more photos! more photos! :-) we love this cutie and can't wait to see him again! xoxox Lindsey